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DEFining Quality

Hedron has brought in a style innovation in the cut of a diamond.

In a market saturated with established players, the young diamond brand, Hedron has an edge with its unique, customised offerings and transparent business model.

Hedron is a brand of Lapidarius Jewelleries and specialises in diamonds. The brother-sister duo, Tushar Lalsan and Layana Lalsan, who run Lapidarius believe that the wearing of jewellery is a very personal experience, and hence their customers get to enjoy the heady feeling of wearing a limited edition piece of jewellery. Offering a mix of bespoke and designed creations, they are known for  ethical sourcing of diamonds and finesse of business interaction.

Hedron offers solitaires set in white, rose or 18k yellow gold and platinum and a select range of elaborate pieces of jewellery, apart from diamond stones.

“We maintain a stock of D-E-F colours (colourless diamonds which are the top category)  unless the customer wants a particular colour and clarity, and our diamonds are VVS (VVS diamonds are of the highest grades of diamonds in terms of clarity)”, says Lalsan.  For a new brand like Hedron, it’s a tough choice between growing the volume of business and retaining quality, but Lalsan is firm about not diluting the brand; “My entire core idea is to give quality diamonds, and I am still able to capture a good amount of the market”.

“The reasons why customers choose us over traditional jewellers is because not only are our prices more attractive, but our transactions are transparent. We tell them the exact cost structure  when they ask for a breakup, all the way down to transportation and insurance from the manufacturer. Instead of adding to the cost per carat, we tell them our charges upfront. This has created a great amount of trust and comfort”, he says.

Offering a limited edition to quality conscious customers.

Talking about the varying taste in diamonds, Lalsan says Delhi is more about size, whereas Bengaluru and other southern cities are all about quality.  “I wanted to focus on quality, and so chose to open our first store in Bengaluru”.

Fascinated with rare things from childhood, Lalsan’s penchant for the unique is obvious in the names of the businesses: Lapidarius (in Latin) means ‘one skilled in working with precious stones’ and Hedron indicates a geometric solid with a specified number of faces or surfaces. Innovating the cuts, Hedron offers combine simplicity and boldness in its diamonds.

Participating in jewellery exhibitions has paid off as the brand is being recognised and draws increasing traffic to the store. Lalsan is now set to explore the potential on the e-commerce space which is as yet nascent for jewellery, and he feels that being in Bengaluru gives him the perfect launch pad.